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Maryangel García-Ramos

Outliers - Maryangel García


"My goal is to be happy and open the door for more people be happy too."

I think that everyone faces life’s challenges differently and something I have learned in my lifetime is my process of self-esteem, of understanding my story and the context of inequalities of the groups that historically have been discriminated against, based on my own experience

Hi, I am Maryangel García-Ramos, founder of the organization Mexican Women with Disabilities and head of the Diversity and Inclusion Office at Tec de Monterrey.

As a child, I was a dancer, immensely passionate about the arts and constantly active. One day, when I was 13, my back suddenly started hurting and overnight I was unable to walk. Medical tests detected an arteriovenous malformation around the spinal cord, which is only found in only 0.01% of the population aged 35 and over. Since then I have lived with a motor disability and have used a wheelchair for the past 21 years.

From an early age, I discovered I had a passion for everything related to design and art, so I studied Fashion Design and found I had a new passion: Diversity and inclusion topics for persons with disabilities.

I am currently head of the Diversity and Inclusion Office at Tec de Monterrey, and also the founder of the organization "Mexican Women with Disabilities" where we focus on raising awareness around gender and disability issues.

My path to reach this point has had its ups and downs. First of all, I never imagined I would work in something like this. After completing my MBA at EGADE Business School my vision has extended to unknown horizons. I decided to study an MBA at EGADE because I understood the impact business has on the world. Now, as a specialist and professional in diversity, inclusion and human rights issues related to the community of persons with disabilities, I can create new opportunities.

I have been a speaker for 14 years and so far have two TEDX conferences. I believe that telling our stories changes the world and each person chooses their own path and story.  

Having been in a wheelchair for more than half my life and done so many things so far, from serving as a representative and running an NGO, to working in the international company Mars in Culture and Inclusion and founding “Mexican Women with Disabilities,” my mission is to assure that what we do truly helps to reduce inequalities and achieves a far more inclusive world.

I firmly believe that education can transform the world into one that celebrates our differences and genuinely acknowledges the human dignity of each and every person.

I am an Outlier because my story starts at Tec and ends up changing the world.

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