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Admissions and Educational Offer

At Tecnológico de Monterrey we continuously update our academic offer so that it is able to respond to social, economic, work-related, scientific and technological changes.

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If your interest is to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your vision of the world, if you want to acquire or strengthen English as a second language, PrepaTec is your best option.

Build your future TODAY

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Your Professors will continually and deliberately challenge you to pose and solve problems. No more subjects as you knew them, with knowledge not necessarily connected to each other. Continuous challenges in several environments to forge in yourself the person you are called to be.

Experience Tec

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Graduate Programs

Get specialized with the highest academic level and become a leader. We offer you Master and Doctorate programs in different areas and invite you to discover the ideal program for you.

Plan your future

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Our continuing education programs are designed to prepare you for the challenges of today's market. We invite you to learn about the admission process and find the ideal program for you.

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Tec Model

The Tec Model allows the formation of solid and integral competencies that will help you solve creatively and strategically the current and future challenges.

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The key to achieve big things is to overcome yourself.

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Omar González - Outlier
Life at Campus

Our students are priority! Therefore, we have a wide variety of available spaces that will accompany you throughout your student life: a variety of options to eat on campus, student´s life-changing residences, exclusive customized items from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, a high-performance center for all sports lovers and more.

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Get to know our Campuses

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Science seeks to create impact

We seek solutions to the world's major problems. This is how Science in Action was born. Learn about the research area and its new approach.

Research Professors

Welcome to the platform that provides you with the most prominent information about our research professors, their experience, and main projects and publications.

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Research Professors
Science with actionable solutions

Learn about the new approach to research at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Discover the three institutes and the different Core Labs that will change the way research is done in Mexico.

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Investigadores en el SNI
Human Flourishing

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Human Dignity Center

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Social Service

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Ruta Azul

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