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Where is research carried out?

Research Groups

Research groups are made up of professors and researchers who carry out research activities with the purpose of obtaining high impact scientific products, knowledge generation and transfer and/or innovation and entrepreneurship.

They are developed in one or several strategic disciplines defined by the National School and are generated through the solution of research challenges and projects.

The GIs have established lines of research, clear objectives of scientific, social and economic impact. They also have strategic academic relationships and links with external organizations. They also have scientific production according to their internationally competitive discipline(s).

They produce social impact through the challenges they solve and the advocacy they lead; economic impact through the attraction of research funds and the consolidation of successful ventures.

Use the institutional infrastructure of Laboratories or Research Centers according to the discipline.

Access to institutional financial support for their researchers.


School of Architecture, Art and Design

Territorial and sustainable development
Design and advanced processes of sustainable transformation
• Critical theory of art and design

School of Social Sciences and Government

Legal systems innovation
Economies of the future
Democracy and global affairs
Government and public entrepreneurship

School of Humanities and Education

Educational innovation
Digital humanities
Humanities for sustainable development


School of Medicine and Health Sciences

• Diagnostic and therapeutic innovation in chronic degeneration diseases
• Advanced therapies in visual sciences
• Global health and emerging diseases
• Research in breast cancer
• Developmental biology and comprehensive well-being in childhood
• Neurological sciences and neurorestoration

Business School

Leadership and effective organizations
Development of conscious businesses
Impactful entrepreneurship and innovation
Organizational strategy and industries transformation