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Call for Applications: UAM – Banco Santander 

Convocatoria Banco Santander y la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Call for Applications: Banco Santander and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

In order to offer Tecnológico de Monterrey’s academically outstanding students a multicultural environment in renowned institutions of national and international prestige, which will contribute to the development of their global perspective and personal development, the Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector of Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, in collaboration with Banco Santander and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), has launched a call for applications to a program that will award a total of 6 scholarships to undergraduate students 1 from Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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  • 1. Benefits

  • 2. Requirements for applying

  • 3.File integration

  • 4. Selection of candidates

  • 5. FAQs

  • 6. Testimonios

  • 7. Ganadores

  • A monthly grant of $900 EUR for 4 1/2 months to cover accommodation and maintenance expenses during the academic program
  • Up to $1000 EUR towards plane tickets 2
  • Exemption from academic and administrative expenses at UAM 3
  • Accident and travel assistance insurance in Spain 4


1. For undergraduate students, applies to all the campuses and is open to all degree programs.
2. Students must pay for their plane ticket and, upon arrival in Spain and after signing the scholarship holder agreement, they will be reimbursed the amount up to the assigned limit. Upon arriving at the Center for Latin America Studies (CEAL), students will receive a check to cover the first two months (maintenance) and travel assistance. As a scholarship holder of the UAM-Banco Santander Exchange Program, you will have to open a bank account at the campus branch of Banco Santander. The scholarship amount will be deposited in this account, except for the first two monthly maintenance payments and travel assistance, which you will receive in an order check.
3. Students will pay tuition fees to Tecnológico de Monterrey as usual; scholarships will remain in place.
4. Coverage for the health insurance awarded to winners only includes Spain. This does not exempt students from having international insurance, in accordance with the regulations of Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Embassy of Spain in Mexico.

Students must:

  • Have Mexican nationality and a passport that will be valid for 2021 5.
  • Be enrolled at any of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s campuses during the January-May 2020 semester and meet the requirements for studying a semester abroad, as stipulated in the Policies and Regulations of the Office of the Internationalization Vice Rector.
  • Have regular student standing. Have a cumulative grade average up to the last complete period greater than or equal to 90.
  • Have earned credit for and passed at least 18 curricular courses upon applying and must not be a candidate for graduation in the January-May 2021 semester.
  • Not have studied during their undergraduate degree a complete period (summer, winter or semester) abroad.
  • Not have been placed on academic or disciplinary probation.
  • Have a socioeconomic scholarship from Tecnológico de Monterrey of at least 50%.  

Considerations for applying for the scholarship:

  • Students must fill out their application and at the same time upload their application materials in section 3 “Application materials”.
  • The deadline for submitting the application materials is Friday, July 3, 2020.
  • This scholarship is effective solely for the January-May 2021 semester.
  •  *IMPORTANT NOTE: These requirements must be met to the letter WITHOUT EXCEPTION. If any requirement is missing, the student will not be considered for participation and his or her application will be rejected.

     5. Students will be responsible for ensuring that their passport will be valid up to the end of the course (June 2021).

The following documentation is required to apply for this scholarship:

  1. Up-to-date Résumé. Free format.
  2. Statement of purpose (no more than one page) addressed to the selection committee detailing:
    a. The reasons and objectives for participating in the program.
    b. Economic need, socioeconomic scholarship.
  3. Proof of student transcript (Hoja FAM).
  4. List of courses 6 (choose only those indicated as “SEMESTER 2”) to be studied at UAM if selected for the scholarship and attach a brief reason for choosing each course. In addition, include the list of courses for which credit will be earned in the Tecnológico de Monterrey curriculum 7.
  5. Simple copy of valid passport.
  6. Letter written and signed by the student, mentioning why you haven’t participated in any academic programs. Free format.


All these documents must be included in the same order as above, in a single file in.pdf format, which should not exceed 5 MB. The file name must include: Student ID Number + Name + Last name (paternal only) + Campus (E.G.: A0123456 José Martínez MTY)

If you have any comments or questions on this call for applications, send an email to

6. Consult the Academic Offering: Degree
7. The Degree Program Director must authorize the list of courses for which credit will be earned at UAM.


On the deadline for submitting application documents, the Evaluation Committee selects 12 finalists who will be contacted to participate in round two of the call. In this round, the finalists will be asked to complete their application materials with a short video so the committee can get to know the finalists better. Details will be revealed later on and only to the finalists.  

From the 12 finalists, the Evaluation Committee, made up of Directors from Tecnológico de Monterrey and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, will select the 6 winners of this scholarship. The remaining 6 students will become alternates, according to the order chosen by the Committee, who can take the place of one of the selected winners if he or she rejects this award.

P: I applied online and uploaded my application materials. How can I confirm that you received it?
R: On clicking on “Send” the following message will appear a few moments later:

Thank you!
We have received your application. Good luck!
The list of finalists will be published in

In addition, if you are one of the finalists, we will be contacting you by email.
Please be patient and wait for your files to be uploaded. You don’t need to send us an email to confirm your application, as it will be confirmed by this message.

P: I uploaded the application online more than once, by mistake. Which one will be taken into consideration? 
R: Only the second application you sent will be taken into consideration. They are ordered by date/time and the latest one before the deadline will be taken into consideration.

P: When are the finalists announced?
R: We will soon be announcing the exact dates on this same page.

P: Can I participate in another international program?
R: Yes. You are just in time to participate in the first round. Please check the schedule of the International Program offering.

P: If I graduate in the January-May 2021 semester, can I apply?
R: No, only students who are graduation candidates from December 2021 on. 

P: The requirements ask for 18 courses passed. Does this include remedial courses?
R: No. They must be curricular courses.

P: The requirements ask for the student’s transcript (Hoja FAM). Where can I get it? 
R: You can download it from MiTec; request the Hoja Fam.

P: The requirements state that applicants must have a 50% scholarship. Can it be any scholarship?  
R: Yes, it can be any scholarship (academic, sports, business) and can be the total of a student loan plus an academic scholarship (e.g., 25% scholarship plus 25% loan), but you must be able to prove that this aid is indispensable for you to participate in an international experience. 

P: Does my passport have to be valid?
R: Yes, it is recommendable. If it is not valid or cannot be renewed since the passport offices are closed, please send us a copy of your current passport and a letter in which you undertake to renew it or informing us that the renewal is in process.  

P: Does the entire academic offering mentioned on the webpage participate?
R: Yes, all the faculties and the Escuela Politécnica Superior. Only the CSEU La Salle is excluded.

P: If I obtain the scholarship, can I use it in any semester? 
R: No, the scholarship can only be used in the January-May 2021 semester. 

P: How will the plane ticket I buy be reimbursed?
R: You have to buy and pay for your flight in full, then, upon arriving in Spain and after signing the scholarship holder agreement, the amount of your flight will be reimbursed up to the assigned amount. You will be given more information on arriving at UAM.

P: Can I apply if I am in the Tec21 Model?
R: This call applies only to pre-2019 curricula.  

P: In the requirements there is a list of courses. What does "Semester 2" mean?
R: You should select courses from SEMESTERS 2, i.e., from the period corresponding to January 2021. They are indicated in the last column of the academic offering. We recommend that you review all the courses you wish to revalidate together with your degree program director so that he or she can authorize them.

P: How many courses should I enroll in?
R: We recommend enrolling in 30 ECTS, which are approximately 5 UAM courses that are the equivalent here at Tec to 6 courses if you study the 30 ECTS. Not all courses have the same credit.

For further information, write to:

1. María José Juárez - Campus Querétaro
Testimonio María José

When I submitted my application for the Scholarship, I did not fully understand the enormity of the stage of my life that I was about to embark upon. The application process seemed very simple given all the corners of the world it could take me to: a statement of purpose, a résumé, a copy of my passport, my transcript and a list of the classes I would like to take at UAM. That’s all, just five documents in exchange for traveling around at least a third of the European continent, and even a little bit of Africa and Asia. 

I was so new in so many ways. I had never been alone for such a long time, I had never been out of the country, she had never been on a plane and all of that changed in the blink of an eye. Those "never" became a reality. Those “never” pushed me to discover myself and explore my limits.

When I arrived in Madrid, without even having rented an apartment to live in, the most incredible adventure of my - short - life began. At Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I was immersed in a university environment of free spirit and constant struggle. I pursued anthropology studies, which forced me to completely question my worldview and I ended up liking it so much that in the end I was afraid that I might have been studying the wrong degree. But, of course, it is normal to find more questions than answers when travelling. And that questioning process is essential for defining our course in life.

Studying in Spain significantly drove my professional career, since one of my objectives during my stay was to discover, first of all, the reality of the country - which I explored through its people and the manifestations - and specifically I was particularly interested in understanding migratory dynamics of a country just 14 kilometers away from Africa.

The issue of migration is more than a passion, it’s my cause, and in Madrid not only did I have the opportunity to take classes on the anthropology of migration, but, by chance, I met a Gambian NGO called Kairaba who worked in Madrid with migrants coming mainly from Africa. 

Just a couple of days later, I visited them in their office and ended up volunteering - in parallel to my classes at UAM - with her as a Spanish teacher for a group of Moroccan women. This was one of the experiences they made Madrid unforgettable, because it allowed me to get to know the Muslim culture, the reality of Moroccan migrants in the country and, in the end, I learned from them, about their constancy, perseverance, affection and respect for others, regardless of language, clothing or ideology. Another of the ingredients that made Madrid a unique city, apart from its streets, squares, gardens, bars and snacks were the friends I made there. A group of Brazilians, Mexicans and Europeans who became very fond of each other and we often found ourselves involved in some bizarre story, making Madrid our own and vice versa.

Now I feel that that this trip never ended, that I am stretching this parenthesis as far as possible, because if it had not been for that experience I would not, for example, be working on a project to protect the human and labor rights of migrant workers at the southern border of Mexico with UN Women. I am still on this path. My trip taught me to read maps carefully, also to let myself be surprised. 

My travels across the continent left me with so many landscapes, learnings and stories that I couldn’t fit them in my pockets anymore. The emotion I felt was simply overwhelming. Stories that in the end I wrote and shared in a scrapbook. Dear reader, opportunities are here and now, I assure you that in Madrid there are no ordinary days. Correction: after Madrid there will no longer be any ordinary days.

After all, traveling helps us discover the value of each person, thing, detail, gesture and silence. Traveling is breaking up, over and over and again. At the end of the journey, you have to pick up all those pieces and reinvent yourself. Ultimately, you learn to walk in amazement, to stumble across the extraordinary.

2. Alejandra Lucía Rodríguez Maldonado - LPO Campus Monterrey
Testimonio Lucía Rodríguez

When I was asked to write briefly about my experience at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a number of incredible events that I have experienced, thanks to this amazing opportunity, came to my mind.

I will admit that when I decided to apply for the Santander Scholarship, I thought it would be a difficult dream to realize, but that did not discourage me, and I prepared myself to meet all the necessary requirements. It was so exciting when I found out that I had been selected, and, from then on, I was busy with a number of procedures and actions began filled me with anticipation for this dream: traveling to Spain and studying at such a prestigious university. It was unbelievable.

When I arrived in Madrid everything looked so majestic. I can’t describe the emotion that overwhelmed me the first day. What would my teachers be like? Who would my classmates be? What will the University be like? What will my classes consist of? Where will I live? All these questions came to my mind, because I already knew that I would be facing great challenges during my short time abroad. 

Everything that I have experienced so far surpasses all my fantasies. Going to the University is not just attending classes to pass a course, it is far more than that. It is about preparing myself integrally day by day, as a person with a high ethical and humanistic sense, instilling a commitment in me to everyone around me.

I am so grateful for this great opportunity, since this experience has allowed me to develop the necessary strength to forge successful interpersonal relationships, with my roommates and classmates, all of whom come from other latitudes, and have contributed to strengthening my character, making me more tolerant and sociable.

Furthermore, being in a different country and at a time of so many changes and conflicts in the world, has changed my outlook enormously, and I have developed respect for individual differences. I believe that this experience has greatly increased my self-confidence and self-control and helped to light the spark of leadership that is inside me. I maintain strong feelings of solidarity that motivate me to continue preparing myself to become a professional with strong ethical and citizenship values. 

This is a great way to strengthen the values acquired throughout my undergraduate studies, before going out into the “real world” and showing everything I have learned for the common good of my country and the world.

Thank you very much for this great support, this experience has made such a difference in my life and rest assured that I will live up to the trust you placed in me. 

3. Josafat Vázquez Frontana - LEM Campus Cuernavaca
Testimonio Josafat Vázquez

For me, having competed for and winning the Santander scholarship to study abroad has been an unforgettable experience, full of emotions and surprising moments.

Throughout the competition, in addition to living moment by moment each of the selection rounds, it all became a process of self-knowledge in which I had the opportunity to analyze my persona, my academic performance, my objectives, perspectives, etc.

It is such a gratifying feeling to be able to get to know yourself a little more, while trying to achieve your dreams, and, of course, to see your academic efforts throughout years of hard work and perseverance rewarded. In this regard, it is important to take into account that you have the opportunity to live with other students in a healthy competition, whose process is full of surprises and challenges that require a great deal of encouragement and creativity. I truly feel privileged and now that I have the opportunity to participate in this experience every day, I can confirm that it is definitely worth venturing into this type of programs.

Moreover, the selection process helped me to strengthen my relationships with my family, teachers and friends who accompanied me throughout the entire process. It’s true that in these moments you value even more everyone who, day by day, helps you become a better person.

Regarding my experience in Spain, which I haven’t actually finished yet, I have had more fun than ever before. I have made friends from many countries, such as France, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia, etc. (as well as my Spanish friends, of course) and I have had the opportunity to learn about their culture, to share mine and we have enjoyed incredible moments.

I have to admit that interacting with other cultures is not easy and even though they seem similar in certain aspects, they are different in others. In my experience, I have also been able to gain insight into Mexican culture and our way of being on a daily basis, because listening to comments from people who do things differently from us gives you a very interesting perspective. Of course, you also become aware of this when you have the opportunity to compare your own customs with those of other countries. Finally, you become a more integral person because you take a small piece of each culture in your daily work and, in the end, this helps you be a better individual.

Something I find very interesting I that apart from meeting students from European countries, you also have the opportunity to get together with other Mexicans, some of them from Tec de Monterrey as well, and Latin Americans. This has not only helped me to build contacts in Europe, but also in Latin American and Mexico. The network of potential contacts you can achieve by travelling abroad is truly impressive. Personally, I have gained many experiences and friends, but professionally, my network of contacts has grown immeasurably. This has been very satisfactory for me.

I have also grown in so many areas of my life, which we sometimes overlook in our daily routine. In particular, I have been able to value and grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, administratively, etc.

Emotionally, I have learned to be much more optimistic, patient and tolerant of others, more open about sharing my experiences and to be more confident.

In this area, especially, I have learned to value my family and my country even more, and therefore appreciate the wonders that Mexico offers us. You become much more international and global, but, at the same time, much more patriotic and prouder of your country, nationality and your customs.

It is rather a strange process, because your horizons open more, but you also learn to value what you have. Spicy food, tortillas and some delicious tacos.

Academically, I have been able to test myself, because the evaluation system is different, and the topics addressed in the classes have different priorities. So, I have been able to test my limits, overcome them and also learn to be more flexible and adaptable to new situations 

Administratively, I have, of course, learned to manage my financial resources better, to be much more organized in managing my expenses, my income, my time, etc. I feel very proud that I am now a much more independent person and more self-sufficient in many aspects.

Physically, I have done a lot of exercise because at least in Spain people tend to walk a lot, and little by little you get used to walking everywhere. This has turned out to be a very worthwhile activity, since you constantly feel full of energy.

The weather will also always be an interesting topic. Since I am used to the permanently spring-like weather of Cuernavaca, it took me a while to get used to the cold in Spain. However, having other experiences has been wonderful, particularly seeing it snow and being able to go outside and take photos and have some fun while the snow falls – this is truly priceless.

So, I could go on writing and never finish narrating all the things that I have learned, but I think I can say that, in short, the best thing of all is that you receive a lot, but you also have the opportunity to offer a lot to others, to put the name of your country and Tec de Monterrey on high, and to have an impact on others, just as many people have had an impact on you. 

4. Alfonsina Macouzet Vallín - LHCS, Campus Morelia
Testimonio Alfonsina Macouzat

My experience in Spain has been unforgettable, because it really allows you to grow in many ways and learn many things, such as simply looking after yourself, washing your clothes, preparing your meals and washing dishes! (Yes, it’s true, those things don’t get done by themselves at home, someone has to do them, ha ha!) and such as having the courses that I always wanted to study (because you have the freedom to choose what you want) with excellent teachers. Since the learning method is very different, it also demands a lot from you, so you have to adapt, and I think that adaptation is a value that will be very useful in today's rapidly changing world. I have had to read a lot which has been quite hard for me, but in the end it's worth it, you learn a lot and also about things that interest you! You also learn to live with people from all over the world and other parts of Mexico (I live with 4 Mexican women from different parts of the country) and adapt to that too, respecting differences and making many friends.

It has been funny, I had classes with older people (several classes), like in a student film, but it is always extraordinary to realize that you do not know anything, or you know very little together with other people, which challenges you to try even harder. I have also had time to travel. (Yes, you have to study hard all week, but at the weekend, you can take advantage and travel as much as possible! So, I will include some photos of the places I have been to so far! Majorca, Toledo, Valencia, Barcelona, Jerusalem and, of course, photos of Madrid!) Do your best! Submit your application, give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. Coming here is incredible and everything you experience will be valuable for your future. 


La Vicerrectoría de Internacionalización (VI) te da las gracias por tu participación en la convocatoria de Becas UAM 2021 del Banco Santander y el Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Después de un proceso de selección muy competido de entre los 12 finalistas, queremos anunciarte que el Comité de Selección conformado por Directivos de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y el Tecnológico de Monterrey, ha determinado a los 6 ganadores de esta Convocatoria. Adicionalmente, se seleccionó a 2 finalistas suplentes que podrán participar en caso de que uno de los 6 ganadores decline su participación en este programa.

Te recordamos que este año recibimos más de 270 solicitudes de más de 18 campus del Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Los ganadores son:
1. A01328627
2. A01423080
3. A01634762
4. A01561708
5. A01655260
6. A01635085

Los suplentes en el orden que tomarían un lugar en caso de alguna declinación de los ganadores:
7. A01650466
8. A01634397

¡Muchas felicidades a los ganadores!

En unos momentos más, estarán recibiendo un correo de confirmación y los pasos a seguir para poder hacer válida su participación.
Gracias a los finalistas y a los estudiantes que participaron en esta convocatoria y enviaron su expediente.

¡Nos vemos el año que entra!