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Mario Álvarez MIT

MIT-Tec Strategic Alliance



Nanotechnology and nanoscience will impact significantly on the major challenges in our society.

The MIT.nano initiative is the major research investment of MIT’s science and engineering schools to address these challenges, integrating the work of +200, 000 researchers and, as MIT president PhD. Rafael Reif states, “Nanoscience and nanotechnology are fundamental pieces of innovation in the present world. They are basic tools to give answers to the biggest problems we face as a society”.


The objective is to establish a strategic collaboration with MIT and its initiative MIT.nano allowing Tecnológico de Monterrey to strengthen research in this project.

The project will drive scientific capabilities in nanotechnology in collaboration with the most prestigious research groups in the world

Reach of objectives

The collaboration with MIT focuses on issues related to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience.

Alliance whit MIT contribute to:

  • Developing and attracting highly specialized and world-quality human assets.
  • Maximizing the scientific production and leadership of Tec’s researchers.
  • Boosting creativity and active learning to take advantage of the most important research network in the world.
  • Developing and improving proficiency and capacities to deal with highly competitive industry, environmental sustainability and the improvement of society’s quality of life.

MIT-TEC calls

As part of the alliance that exists with MIT, the students and professors of Tec de Monterrey can apply to different calls to make a summer stay, research stays and scholarships to participate in intensive workshops.


  • Tec.Nano, Teachers, Postdoc and Doctorate Students - Closed  
  • Extraordinary Tec, Teachers, Postdoc and Phd Students  - Closed
  • Research Summer Stay for Professional Students  - Closed  
  • Intensive Micro and Nano Manufacturing Workshop for Research Teachers, Posdoctoral Researchers and Doctorate Students  - Closed


  • Tec.Nano, Teachers, Postdoc and Doctorate Students - Closed  
  • Extraordinary Tec, Teachers, Postdoc and Phd Students - Closed
  • Research Summer Stay for Professional Students - Closed 
  • Intensive Micro and Nano Manufacturing Workshop for Research Teachers, Posdoctoral Researchers and Doctorate Students - Closed


  • Tec.Nano, Teachers, Postdoc and Doctorate Students  - Closed  
  • Extraordinary Tec, Teachers, Postdoc and Phd Students  - Closed
  • Research Summer Stay for Professional Students  - Closed 


  • Tec.Nano, Teachers, Postdoc and Doctorate Students  - Closed
  • Research Summer Stay for Professional Students  - Closed

Research stays at MIT

Date Name Position GIEE MIT-Research Professor
2015-2016 Rodrigo Balam Muñoz Research Professor Bioprocesses and Synthetic Biology Joel Voldman
2015-2016 Mario Álvarez Research Professor Cellular and Bioreaction Engineering Ali Khademhosseini
2015-2016 Gerardo Castañón Research Professor Telecomunication and Networks Rajeev Ram
2015-2016 Grissel Trujillo Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Designs Ali Khademhosseini
2015-2016 José Guillermo González Postdoc Bioprocesses and Synthetic Biology Scott Manalis
2015-2016 Daniel Olvera Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Design Luis Fernando Velasquez
2015-2016 Israel Martínez Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Design Jongyoon Han
2015-2016 David Ibarra Postdoc Advanced Manufacturing Brian Anthony
2016-2017 Claudia V. Leyva Professional student-INCQ - Jongyoon Han
2016-2017 José Erick Ortiz Castillo Professional student- INCQ Sensors and Devices Joel Voldman
2016-2017 Diego Ríos Aguirre Master Studen-MSE Sensors and Devices Joel Voldman
2016-2017 Edgar Ledezma Zavala Master Studen-MSM Automotive Consortium Brian Anthony
2016-2017 Lorena Berrón Cadenas Master Student-MSE Sensors and Devices Rohit N. Karnik
2017-2018 Brenda García Farrera PhD Student-DCI Nanomaterials Luis Fernando Velasquez
2016-2017 Erika García López Postdoc Advanced Manufacturing Luis Fernando Velasquez
2016-2017 Samira Hosseini Postdoc Sensores y Dispositivos Joel Voldman
2016-2017 Roberto Parra Saldívar Research Professor Emerging Technologies and Molecular Nutrition Ali Khademhosseini
2017-2018 Ricardo Esteban Roberts Ugrinovic Postdoc Robotics John Hart
2017-2018 Imperio Anel Perales Martínez Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Design Luis Fernando Velasquez
2017-2018 Luis Marcelo Lozano Sánchez Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Design Gang Chen
2017-2018 Emmanuel Segura Cárdenas Postdoc Nanotechnology for Device Design Luis Fernando Velasquez
2017-2018 Alan Osiris Sustaita Narvaez Research Professor Nanotechnology for Device Design Luis Fernando Velasquez
2017-2018 Gustavo Hernández PhD Student-DBT Emerging Technologies and Molecular Nutrition Joel Voldman
2017-2018 Karla Margarita Gámez Pérez Research Professor Industrial Engineering and Numerical Methods Josué Velázquez
2018-2019 Joel Carlos Huegel Research Professor - Hugh Herr


Workshop on Sensors and actuators

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Year Subtype Title Source
2018 Article Chloroperoxidase-mediated halogenation of selected pharmaceutical micropollutants Catalysts
2018 Article Lung and heart sounds analysis: State-of-the-art and future trends Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering
2018 Article Sustainable silicon photovoltaics manufacturing in a global market: A techno-economic, tariff and transportation framework Applied Energy
2018 Article Synthesis and characterisation of highly interconnected porous poly(ε-caprolactone)-collagen scaffolds: a therapeutic design to facilitate tendon regeneration Materials Technology
2018 Chapter Biomimetic orthopedic materials Orthopedic Biomaterials: Advances and Applications
2018 Conference Paper Engineering Education 4.0:-proposal for a new Curricula IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON
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2017 Article 3D printed multiplexed electrospinning sources for large-scale production of aligned nanofiber mats with small diameter spread Nanotechnology
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2017 Article Electroencephalographic evaluation of acoustic therapies for the treatment of chronic and refractory tinnitus BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
2017 Article Emerging Trends in Micro- and Nanoscale Technologies in Medicine: From Basic Discoveries to Translation ACS Nano
2017 Article Engineering a sprayable and elastic hydrogel adhesive with antimicrobial properties for wound healing Biomaterials
2017 Article Engineering Biodegradable and Biocompatible Bio-ionic Liquid Conjugated Hydrogels with Tunable Conductivity and Mechanical Properties Scientific Reports
2017 Article In vitro and in vivo analysis of visible light crosslinkable gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogels Biomaterials Science
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2017 Note Paper and fiber-based bio-diagnostic platforms: Current challenges and future needs Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
2017 Review Anti-Ebola therapies based on monoclonal antibodies: current state and challenges ahead Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
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2016 Article A new statistical method of assigning vehicles to delivery areas for CO2 emissions reduction Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
2016 Article Additively manufactured MEMS multiplexed coaxial electrospray sources for high-throughput, uniform generation of core-shell microparticles Lab on a Chip
2016 Article Chitosan-functionalized poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles: Breaking through the brain´s tight security gateway Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
2016 Article Delivery strategies to control inflammatory response: Modulating M1-M2 polarization in tissue engineering applications Journal of Controlled Release
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2016 Article Overcoming design fixation: Design by analogy studies and nonintuitive findings Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: AIEDAM
2016 Article Strontium (Sr) and silver (Ag) loaded nanotubular structures with combined osteoinductive and antimicrobial activities Acta Biomaterialia
2016 Article Using simple models to describe the kinetics of growth, glucose consumption, and monoclonal antibody formation in naive and infliximab producer CHO cells Cytotechnology
2016 Conference Paper Energy consumption of communication systems using integrated nanophotonic devices International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
2016 Review The hackathon model to spur innovation around global mHealth Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology
2015 Article Antibody derived peptides for detection of Ebola virus glycoprotein PLoS ONE
2015 Article Enrichment of the Cancer Stem Phenotype in Sphere Cultures of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines Occurs through Activation of Developmental Pathways Mediated by the Transcriptional Regulator ΔNp63α PLoS ONE
2015 Article New genetic loci link adipose and insulin biology to body fat distribution Nature
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2014 Article Building chinese cars in Mexico: The grupo Salinas-FAW alliance Innovar
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