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Graduate Policies and Regulations

Graduate Policies and Regulations

Since its foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey has defined the regulations that guide its students, regarding the expected academic standards and conduct both inside and outside the classroom.

In this way, the Institution, committed to academic quality, disseminates its governing regulations among students and the community, within the framework of the principles and values described in the Mission.

Graduation Requirements

In order to obtain a specialization diploma, master’s degree, medical residency degree or doctoral degree atTecnológico de Monterrey, students must have:


1. Fulfilled, in accordance with the regulations in effect, the preliminary academic requirements for thecorresponding curriculum, by means of the corresponding placement exams, proficiency tests or remedial courses.

2. Obtained an undergraduate degree–after completing high school or its equivalent - that is equivalent tothose offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey.

3. Completed all the courses in the curriculum in question, either by passing all the courses at Tecnológico deMonterrey, or obtaining revalidation or equivalency agreements, consistent with the correspondingregulations, for part of the courses studied at other institutions, and passing the remaining courses atTecnológico de Monterrey. Courses studied at foreign universities with which an agreement has beensigned will be considered, for the purposes of this article, as having been studied at Tecnológico deMonterrey, as long as they do not exceed a specific percentage of the curriculum stipulated for eachprogram in particular.

4. Obtained a final grade average for all the courses included in the curriculum equal to or higher than 80. Inorder to calculate this average, all the courses completed corresponding to the student’s curriculum will betaken into consideration. Therefore, preliminary or remedial courses and those passed by means ofproficiency tests are excluded from the grade average calculation.

5. Completed, when stipulated in a curriculum, a research project or thesis that was presented and passed inan exit exam before an academic jury. The result of this exit exam will be recorded in the student’s recordsby means of an act signed by the corresponding academic jury.

6. Studied at Tecnológico de Monterrey at least the equivalent of the second half of the correspondingcurriculum, in the case of students who have obtained revalidation or equivalency agreements for this level.This rule can be flexible in the case of graduate programs that are created in conjunction with otheruniversities by means of an agreement.

7. One scientific product from the research conducted within the doctoral thesis published or accepted for publication, in the case of doctoral programs. The scientific product(s) will be defined by each graduate school.

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